The Dangers of Buying Xanax (Alprazolam) Online

Some people feel that Xanax is too costly under their insurance plan and seek cheaper sources that has Xanax Pills For sale.

It is also not uncommon for people to want to keep some amount of the drug on hand to self-medicate for stress and relaxation. It is unlikely that someone can get a prescription to use the drug for this purpose, however, and many turn to online sources to keep the drug stocked at home.

Because Xanax is heavily regulated, it is not always an easy process to buy the drug online, and there are many risks if you buy Xanax from an illegitimate online source. Here’s what you need to know.

Xanax Overview

Xanax, or alprazolam, is a prescription sedative that is often prescribed to treat anxiety disorders and panic.

Because it is short-acting — meaning its effects kick in relatively quickly — it comes with a high risk of abuse. Usually prescribed for use as needed, or when anxiety feels overwhelming to the patient, it is not abnormal for those with a legitimate prescription for the drug to take more than is necessary out of fear that a lesser dose will be ineffective. The person may then inadvertently develop an addiction.

Can You Buy Xanax Online Looking At The Dangers of Buying Xanax (Alprazolam) Online

You can buy Xanax online from legitimate pharmacies based in the United States that often have brick-and-mortar stores attached to their company. These sites will require a prescription from your doctor and will call to verify that the script is legitimate before processing your payment and sending you anything.

You can look up these pharmacies on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site to verify their legitimacy. You can feel just as confident about the quality and efficacy of the product you get from these sources as you would if you were to purchase it in person at a pharmacy.

However, rogue, illegal pharmacies are everywhere online. They often work hard to target people with ads for cheap prescription drugs. Buying from these sources is illegal and unsafe.

What are the Risks of Buying Xanax Online?

The number of illegal online pharmacies continues to grow even as many disappear for months at a time, close entirely, or resurface in another form.

Financial gain is the only goal of these sites. There is no agency to oversee the quality of their products or any other aspect of their businesses, including how they use personal identifying and credit card information.

If you are looking for Xanax, their goal is to take your money and send you a product that is marked as being Xanax. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if the product is what it claims to be, even if it looks exactly like the real thing. Many are counterfeit, containing benign chemicals that do nothing at all or dangerous substances that can be potentially fatal. Though the threat of online pharmacies is widely known, there is a lack of tech tools available to infiltrate these organizations and no integrated international regulating organization to properly handle investigations into companies that exist in some form in multiple countries.

Testing Drugs

The hardest part of buying Xanax online for consumers is trying to determine the difference between illegitimate sites and legitimate ones. They look exactly alike in many cases for a reason.

Additionally, the product that is delivered is highly likely to look exactly like what you might expect Xanax to look like, whether or not the pill itself contains alprazolam or not.

Test strips are one way to verify what is in the pill you purchased. There are test strips available that will allow you to identify the presence of alprazolam in a pill. Use the strip, and if it comes up negative, you can be sure the pill is not what it is purported to be. However, if the pill comes up positive but seems to show a limited or negligible amount, you will not be able to identify what exactly is in the pill unless you happen to get lucky and test for a substance that is in it. This means that even if the pill comes up positive for Xanax in a Xanax-specific test, there is no way to know if the pill is cut with other substances unless you use a battery of other tests to rule other chemicals out.

It is legal to buy Xanax online as long as:

  •  The buyer has a legal prescription for the drug
  •  The amount purchased matches the prescription
  •  The buyer is not filling the prescription elsewhere as well
  •  The online pharmacy is operating legally

Essentially, as long as all parties involved are working to offer a legitimate solution for a legitimate need, then it is legal. Unfortunately, though you may be able to vouch for your motivations, you cannot necessarily say the same about the party you are buying from, and your involvement with them may ultimately get you into trouble.

Can I Be Arrested for Buying Xanax Online?

Technically, yes. Though there are no internationally coordinated efforts to take down illegal online pharmacies or the people who patronize them, the only way that the United States drug enforcement agencies have to infiltrate the groups that run them is through the end-user.

By identifying repeat or large order buyers from one or more online pharmacies, law enforcement has a starting place to begin tracking the drug back to the source and potentially identifying drug rings selling drugs here in the U.S.

Your choice to purchase a legitimate prescription that you are filling for a true medical need at a legal online pharmacy is not illegal and will not get you arrested.


Is There A Safe Online Option?

Yes. You can purchase Xanax with your prescription through an online pharmacy that is recommended by your doctor or that your doctor’s office routinely works with, without any of the concerns for safety that you might have should you venture online to track down a legitimate source on your own. If your doctor has no recommendation, or there is no option to go online with your prescription through your doctor’s office, it’s best to choose a traditional pharmacy.


You can test the medications you buy online.

Purchase a test kit for alprazolam and one for fentanyl, a highly potent and dangerous opioid drug often used in counterfeit pills.

A very small amount of fentanyl can be deadly. Depending on the other substances you are taking, or why you are taking Xanax, any odd mix of chemicals could damage your health. Take extreme caution with the use of any medication you purchase online. It’s best just not take it altogether.

Signs of Benzodiazepine Abuse

Many people look to online pharmacies to buy Xanax and other prescription drugs because they can’t get the amount they want from their prescribing physician. Their goal is to hook up with any service that’s willing to send them the pill they want, not realizing that what they will receive may be anything but Xanax.

If you feel that someone you love is drug-seeking by buying benzos online, or if you recognize that you are dealing with an addiction that could potentially cause fatal overdose or other medical emergencies, take the time now to consider what other options may be available to you.

Treatment services that provide medical detox and comprehensive therapy are available to help you stop all abuse of benzodiazepines.

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